Go Tell Aunt Rhodie is one of a collection of small, pithy dances called SITE POEMS, which the audience may walk around and view closely at their leisure. The intimate scale of these works makes them highly portable and ensures that they can easily tour to many different sized venues.
Fear of heights and chance procedures determine the poignant and risky Go Tell Aunt Rhodie, a solo performed on three ladders. The rustling of the extravagant costume by Anna Craycroft, inspired by the Renaissance painter, Pietro Longhi, accompanies the sound evocatively playing through speakers beneath the ladders.
Artistic Fee: Contact artist
Technical Requirements: 10'x10' performance space; audience must be able to move around the ladders
Residency Activities: Master classes/lectures on Improvisation and Composition
Website: www.cattledance.blogspot.com, www.matchbook.org

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